Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Remember all that meat I bought from the door to door meat salesman? Well, I was in the mood for a steak tonight, so I went out to the deep freeze in my garage, only to find that things weren't so deeply frozen. In fact, nearly all of my steaks were almost completely thawed. Yikes! I feared that perhaps these steaks were actually in the process of being refrozen--how can you really tell?

I took one steak in the house, opened it up, and did the sniff test. It seemed to smell alright, and I even had my neighbor do a sample sniff test, since I shared with her my fears. We decided that I should cook it up, then take a tentative taste test, and if anything tasted amiss, to chuck the whole kit and caboodle.

Well, I'm happy to say that four or five hours on, I've suffered no ill effects, and the $150 worth of meat I purchased is now safely ensconced in the freezer in my house.

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