Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Steps

I began writing my book tonight. Only about two or three pages, but it's a start. An ugly, unpolished blob of a start, but it's a start. Bird by bird, as Anne Lamott says, bird by bird.

This will be a daunting task, but I like a challenge, and I think ultimately it will be fun. I think it's got to be like music: just practice everyday, and be a pit bull. I spent about an hour today practicing four measures, and I think perhaps to be a good writer demands the same kind of neurotic focus.

I'm going to try and write a couple of pages a day. Probably most of it will be thrown out, but I think my creative process is one where I discover the form of something by grasping at things in the dark. Slowly, things start to take form, and I suspect that's the way this will be.

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