Thursday, April 24, 2008

Keeping on Keeping on!

You know, it dawned on me today that I finally don't feel like a chunk-o-love anymore. I can pass as just normal now, and that feels good. When you're losing weight, you always tend to feel like you felt when you were at your heaviest, even though you may check the scale everyday and see it go down slowly. In your mind, you're still just a big guy, on the quest to shed the pounds. I've lost nearly 55 lbs. now, and as I saw myself in the mirror today, it really dawned on me that I'm a lot thinner now. When I'm standing up, there's really not much of a belly anymore. Man, that's a feeling that's hard to beat! It feels really good and it makes all the perseverance so worth it...and it makes me want to keep going until I'm really where I want to be. The next step is to shed the belly, but I'm going to stick with the turtle plan--slow and steady wins the race. In fact, I'm going to go for a walk tonight before I hit the sack. feels really, really good.

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