Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Few Lines On Sin And Grace

We cannot fathom the love that God has for us, nor the overwhelming immensity of his grace. Our sin is NOTHING to him! Paul says, that where sin is, grace abounds. The God who created the incomprehensible vastness of the universe knows abundance! God is greater, God is bigger, God is laughably and joyously more powerful than sin. Paul says it this way: “It is not I, but sin in me.” Do we not believe that God sees sin in a more clear light than we can ever possibly imagine? Can we not trust that the God of the universe, who hung on the cross for our transgressions, and mastered the power of sin in our lives once and for all understands that which he conquered?

Sin is an amoeba to him that means nothing. When he sees us, he sees the child he created and sees all of time stretched out before him, since he is the creator of time. He sees us in our completeness—the child that we were, the man we are to become. He sees the finished product, he sees us in our redeemed form: he sees Christ in us! What is our sin to that? Sin is an annoyance, a gnat, a mosquito that he is continually swatting away.

Why should we then berate ourselves? We are far harder on ourselves than God ever is. When we fall, we need to embrace the grace that is offered. The guilt that we feel has no place in our lives. God delights in showing us grace in the face of sin. He knows we will fall and he is right there, just as an earthly father is, to pick us up again and lead us on the right path. It doesn’t matter the magnitude of our sin. If a child falls and scrapes his knee on the pavement, or falls down two flights of stairs, a parent will run to pick up the child, and the greater the fall, the greater the amount of love and compassion that a father has for his child. So too with God! Yet we are different than a child of three. We have a rational mind that gives a greater gravity to our fall than God ever does. We need to trust that God knows us, knows us better than we know ourselves, knows the place in the sidewalk where we always tend to trip, and knows that eventually, with his guidance, we will learn to step over it.

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