Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Club

I made a post awhile back about starting an online movie watching club. I'm jonesing for it. I know Scott expressed some interest, but maybe he's the only one. I just watched an hour long documentary by Alexandra Pelosi, called Friends of God. It's a road trip about the evangelical movement, including a stop at the Orlando Holy Land theme park, a visit to a wrestling show of the Christian Wrestling Federation, as well as interviews with Jerry Falwell and Ted Haggard.

It's not as awful as one would suspect, considering Alexandra is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi. She has a winning personality and a quirky sense of humor, and except for rare moments, you feel there is no mockery of her subjects, but rather an honest curiosity about people who are strangers to her.

I'd love to discuss it with some other people.

Maybe I should start up another blog, and anyone who's interested could log on. I don't know if Mark M. still frequents my blog, but it would be fun discussing some movies with you too, as well as the rest of you.

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Scott Lyons said...

Sounds fun. Let's find some movies we'd like to watch and come up with a timeline. That way we can have a decent discussion while it's fresh in our minds. And we could play it flexible, so that if someone sees a moving film, we can work it in.

Let me know what you're thinking.

I'll try to pick up the documentary - it sounds fascinating. Especially from the source, and especially from the source.