Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring Cleaning

When you're a bachelor, it's surprising the condition of things around the house can reach, and you're completely fine living that way. I've got two solid hours this afternoon, and I'm going to be cleaning up the whole first floor. Time to toss those piles of paper on the dining room table, and clearing out old mail, and collecting the empty pop cans that have collected next to the TV.

Maybe the real reason I'm not married is because God wants to teach me that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

But don't some women like men to be their projects? I saw a book in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble with the following title: The Scorecard: How to Fix Your Man in One Year or Less.

Word to the wise: I might take a little longer.


Anonymous said...

if you find a woman that wants a man to be her project, you have found a woman that is co-dependent.
if you find or see this "fixing" trait....RUN!

Dan said...

Oh, trust me...I put that last line in there facetiously. I'll run for the hills for sure! I just found the title of the book absurd enough to put in my blog. I've not been single this long to choose to change my state for someone who views me as a project! :-)

Dan said...

Man, I just reread this, and my grammar's horrendous!