Friday, June 13, 2008

Kitchen Confidential

Despite how much of a clutter nut I am, I really like it when my home is clutter free and clean. As strange as it seems, I think sometimes my house becomes cluttered and stays cluttered because of my particular neuroses. I have too much perfectionism in me, the curse of being irritated when things aren't "just so." When the house is spotless, every little thing bothers the heck out of me, sort of irrationally so, and for those who know me, probably comes as a surprise. On the flip side it's peaceful too. Ironically, sometimes it seems easier to deal with when things are a frenzied chaos.

I taught some lessons yesterday, and because one of my students just finished eighth grade, her mom comes and stays inside during the lesson. This is a first for me, since usually the kids are old enough to drive themselves, or they're old enough for the parents to drop them off and then enjoy having an hour to themselves. There are a few coffee shops nearby and I think one father in particular just goes and enjoys a rare moment of solitude.

But now, with this new student, each week I need to make sure that not only the living room and dining room are clean, but also my "den" which serves as a waiting room for her. With the new furniture I picked up used from some friends a few months ago, it's turned into a comfortable space which feels great to have clean and has become my favorite place to sit and relax with a good book or the computer. For the past two weeks, each Thursday has found my entire first floor (other than what's behind the closed door off of the dining room) spotlessly clean, and it feels great. I want to maintain this kind of living, and as Torey has said to me, when you respect a space, you want to keep it clean. I respect these three rooms because they're the ones I've been able to make my own.

Now the kitchen...that's another story completely! By the end of the summer, however, I'll have a new one, and I know I'll finally feel like that's mine too. The first step is finishing my bathroom, which I've been chipping away at this week. By the time fall rolls around, my whole first floor will be completely redone, and I'm going to strive with everything in me to keep it clean, because it feels so good.

As to my kitchen, it was in serious need of a Clean Sweep intervention. I helped Torey a week or so ago with babysitting her kids for a couple of hours and she offered a helping hand in getting the kitchen back in shape. It had just gotten out of hand, and since there's that door to close from the dining room, it was a case of "out of sight, out of mind."

We did a thorough scrubbing down, and it feels great to have it clean, but Torey's insight to me made a huge impact on me. She made the comment that I don't respect my kitchen, and for someone who derives so much pleasure from cooking, I need to be able to respect and enjoy my kitchen. I think the hope for a perpetually clean kitchen will be fulfilled on the other side of this kitchen remodel, which has spurred me on to get it done, and get it done as quickly as possible. I'm really excited by the prospect and I'm finally able to envision it as a reality. One way or the other, it's getting done this summer.

I'm looking forward to this entire first floor being remodeled--I think my life of insane clutter will have a fighting chance to be overturned.

Or at least that's the hope.

Thanks Torey. I told you you didn't know what you were getting yourself into, and as you now fully comprehend, I owe you, big time!

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