Sunday, June 15, 2008


Scott, the person you wrote about got the message a few years back.


Scott Lyons said...

Did Jon read that post?

Dan said...

Yup...he was googling a few names a few years back and he saw your post. Small world, isn't? He almost posted a cocky-JTesque post, but didn't, but he got a kick out of seeing his name on your blog. I couldn't remember if I had told you that when we spoke on the phone or not.

Pretty funny, isn't it?

Sherry C said...

Hey, I know JT! I went to elementary school with him for several years before my one year at LCS. He was one of the few guys that I had any respect for during those early years.

We were a comical pair, however, whenever we had to stand near one another, what with me being the juvenille Amazon woman that I was and all.