Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maybe I'm on a roll

The lime cake I wanted to make couldn't wait, so I whipped it up at about 11:30 last night. I just got up and had a slice, and I'm really happy with it. I think I've struck on a basic formula that works very well and can easily be adapted.

I'm surprised how much I like this lime cake--I didn't assume I would like it, since I'm not a huge lime guy, but man, it's darn good!

At this point, what I'm going to be doing is using the basic formula I came up with and think about variations that might be tasty, like unconventional fruit combinations. I think this current one is something where I'm going to try and make it a very tropical themed cake, by adding some sort of other tropical fruit. I have something in mind.

Hmm...and something else just popped into my mind too!

The ole creative juices are flowing! I just got ideas for a couple of more cakes, with a unique tropical with flavors that don't typically show up in cakes, at least not in traditional American kitchens. I think that will set some of these recipes apart too.

I bet by the time the competition deadline comes on August 1, I'll have six new cakes ready to go.


alison said...

I loved the first cake and would certainly be willing to try the lime.

Dan said...

Hey Alison, glad you liked it. I think this cake I made today is my favorite I've ever made, and I'm not a huge lime guy. There's a secret ingredient that I think takes it out of this world, and I'll tell you the ingredient, of course, but since I am in a competition, who knows who's lurking around the corner.

I'll make it again. I usually can eat a bite of these cakes and then throw the rest of a piece out, but tonight, I had a slice, then two more little slivers.

It's darn tasty!