Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I drove the trip home from the U.P. with my parents and the whole time we were skirting around impressive storm systems with incredibly beautiful cloud formations. We avoided the weather and for the most part were under blue skies the entire trip. After I picked up my car at a park and ride, I drove on my own and finally hit a rainstorm. As I drove, I began to see towards the west a break in the clouds as the sun was nearing the horizon. I knew I was in for a rainbow, and sure enough those of us fortunate enough to be traveling on the western edge of the storm weren't disappointed.

One doesn't see rainbows very often, and this particular one lasted for about a half an hour. At times it was a double rainbow and for much of the time was a full bow. It's easy to forget how big rainbows are. They're an impressive sight, and I always say a thankful prayer to God for his covenant with us, one of the few physical reminders of his promises to his people.

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