Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What do you think of this?

I believe that God is involved in every decision we make, even the wrong ones. His grace is ever present, and we cannot fully understand how he protects us, particularly when we believe that we have left Him behind. God is continually pursuing us, and His grace is constantly being poured out, with the goal and aim of drawing us back to Him.

I'm trying to convey the message that God is there, at every turn, even when we choose to sin, and how miraculously, even some of our sinful choices are less deleterious to us, simply because of his grace that is present...for example, let's say some punk kid wants to find a group of rebellious kids to hang out with. I think God's grace sometimes may lead that kid to some hoodlums who might get the guy hooked on weed, as opposed to a bunch of hoodlums who would get him hooked on Meth, or Ecstasy, or the like.

I think that even when we willfully choose the wrong path, God is present even in those moments...perhaps making it "less bad" than it could possibly be otherwise.

How does this sort of thinking strike you? I only say it because I see clear evidence of this in my life.

I find myself with a lot of theological questions that I'm not completely certain about. I'll need to have some people much wiser than I read what I write.

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