Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's looking like a three cake day today. The two I made earlier today were somewhat of a mixed bag. My Mother's Day cake is in the bag, and though the second one is almost in the bag, it's harder to figure out when it's done baking because I'm going for a gooey center. The usual toothpick technique doesn't always do the trick. The first time I made this cake I baked it a little too long--this time wasn't long enough. I think the next time I'll have it set.

I've got a third cake that came to me tonight as I was doing a little shopping. I had to zip home and give it a whirl. Based on the batter, it should be a pretty tasty cake.

Two of the three cakes use either lime or lemon zest, so I have a lot of unused citrus juice lying around. I had a eureka moment and so what I'm going to be doing is freezing all of the juice, then when I'm all done with my cake madness, I'll thaw it make a lemon-lime curd, which is a very tasty cake filling. I think I'll transform the cake I'm making tonight into a standard cake, cut it in half, fill it with the curd and then frost it with a lemon butter cream frosting. That would be a tasty, tasty cake.

All in all, it's looking like I'll have six cake recipes to enter this time around.

Pretty crazy.

Off to go temper some chocolate and fill some chocolate molds. But first there are dishes to do. Blech.

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