Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cookie Update

The cookie isn't bad, but it needs a bit of tweaking. It's more cakey than I want it to be--I'd like it to be more crisp rather than chewy. And it's not working very well in the spritz machine. I think this is because it doesn't have enough flour, even though I have a whopping six cups in it already.

Using egg yolks, instead of full eggs will firm up the texture, and adding one more cup of flour should do the trick. The final change I'm going to make is to add lime zest instead of just lime juice. The lime juice gives it a nice tart zing that's reminiscent of snickerdoodles and the cream of tartar that's used in them and I want to keep that, but there isn't much lime taste to speak of.

Maybe one more batch of these before I write a final recipe.

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