Friday, July 04, 2008

Sir Thomas More

Do you ever marvel about the fact that men are the same, regardless of the age in which they live? I stumbled on a book by Sir Thomas More (of A Man For All Seasons fame) and I am enjoying the fact that a man who was born nearly 500 years before I was can speak to me today about issues that I and my contemporaries continue to face.

Here is a passage I found particularly insightful this afternoon from the book A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation:

For if we determine with ourselves that we will take no comfort in
anything but the taking of our tribulation from us, then either we
prescribe to God that he shall do us no better turn, even though he
would, than we will ourselves appoint him; or else we declare that
we ourselves can tell better than he what is better for us. And
therefore, I say, let us in tribulation desire his help and
comfort, and let us remit the manner of that comfort unto his own
high pleasure. When we do this, let us nothing doubt but that, as
his high wisdom better seeth what is best for us than we can see it
ourselves, so shall his sovereign high goodness give us that thing
that shall indeed be best.

Amen, Sir Thomas, Amen!

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