Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two More Pictures

Here are a couple more pictures.

The top one obviously has a tropical theme--all of that stuff is courtesy of Pier One--a little bamboo on the sides of the place mat, some sort of rope square thingy underneath, some sea shells and tropical fruit. I tried to find guava, but couldn't, so the lychees will have to take care of that. I think that's sufficiently accessorised, without being too cheesy. Or at least it's just cheesy enough.

The next one is inspired by ice cream, of the cookies and cream variety, thus the Oreos. Classy and simple, hopefully.

Two more to photograph, and just a little tweaking of two of the recipes. I think I need to bake three more cakes and I'm done.


Dan said...

Whoops...I guess I need to make a few more cakes. I was so busy with my "staging" that I forgot to include the cake pans in the picture.

Alas, alack.

Oh well.

What's a few more cakes to make? And besides, there are always a few improvements that can be made too, right?

alison said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that you are so casual about having to whip up a few more cakes. I am also glad I live on the other side of town...I can't handle it!