Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Truly Is Time to Flush!

After interminable tirades about Macs, and how much I detest them, I'm finally making the switch. It dawned on me as I was helping work on my parents' slide show, using my brother's computer the other day, that the same frustrations that exist on my Mac exist on others as well. I came home after working on that and the simple act of sending pictures via email seemed to be a task that was Herculean for my PowerBook, and I was ready to throw it through the nearest window.

I'm not sure if I will sell it or not. I think I'd rather use my nephew's shotgun and take pleasure in destroying it.

The final straw is that my iPhone refuses to sync with my APPLE computer. When I've gone to the forums, I've seen this solution: "I went ahead and synced it to my PC with no problems and activated it there." It seems that my PowerBook G4 doesn't have USB 2.2 and rather 1.1. One would think that the tech savvy "geniuses" at Apple would have anticipated that many of their customers would still be using the older version and would have built in the logic for their "brilliant" and "plug and play" computers to figure it out.

Today, I'm fantasizing about the thought of this computer facing a very enjoyable demise at my hands, with a shotgun at my shoulder.

I'll be buying a PC within the next month. And oh, how I would love to take a sledgehammer to this thing!!!! Any frustrations I've ever had with PC's are minuscule in comparison to those with my Mac. Mac irritations are LEGION!


Scott Lyons said...

I can't bear to contemplate such maliciousness toward a machine of such beauty. But ... if you do dispose of it in some radical manner, say with a shotgun or a baseball bat or a sawzall, please, please, please videotape the event for us. (And wear protective goggles and such.)

Dan said...

Oh, how I would enjoy it. But it would be irresponsible of me to do so--I just can't bring myself to doing it.

But a man can have a few secret desires, right?

My nephew already came up with a video title for YouTube, if I were to do it: iShoot