Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time for Action

Today's been a crazy day. I've been working on making cakes for my parents' anniversary on Saturday and nothing seems to be going quite right. Nothing major, but it's been one of those days where things keep happening and you say, "OK...what's next?" The worst thing: while I was out running some errands, my portable dishwasher somehow overflowed my sink and poured all over the counter and onto the floor. Blech. What a nuisance. And of course the errands I was running were to pick up ingredients that I had failed to pick up the day before--you always forget something.

And instead of washing the dishes for the next cake, somehow I put the dishwasher on "rinse and hold." No clean dishes for the second cake.

When I was using my new sexy $200 blender that I got for a song at the Linen's & Things going out of business sale, I discovered that the seal is bad. Raspberry juice leaked all over my counter. Argh, on two fronts--shoulda bought the $35 cheap one.

Everything kept falling on the floor, I found I was out of things, the kitchen's a disaster already and today's flotsam and jetsam just contributed to the overall mayhem.

All in all, not a terrible day, but just one where you keep rolling your eyes at each successive debacle, wondering what's next. I'm having a beer right now, and life is looking up.

Tonight was a decision night. I'm sick and tired of my kitchen. I'm not going to clean this kitchen ever again. Next week, I'm going to be calling a dumpster company. Next week isn't a bathroom remodel week, it's a kitchen demo week. I'm going to call the gas company and have them run a new gas line down in the basement so I can put my stove down there. I'm going to pick up some cheap shelving at Menard's and everything from my kitchen is going downstairs and my crappy cabinets and flooring are leaving this house for good. Next week is going to be cathartic. Thankfully I have a new sawzall, and it's going to be getting a work out.

Sometimes we have shitty days to help push us over the edge towards action.

I'm not cleaning this crappy kitchen again. I'm starting over, baby!

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