Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It's chocolate making time again. I offered some for a charity auction and it's high time that I fulfill my bid. I bought some really cool molds awhile back, if you recall, but when I tried it with the mega amounts of chocolate I bought, it became clear that the cocoa butter content in the chocolate wasn't high enough. You need the chocolate to be viscous enough to pour out of the molds once you fill them, so you're just left with an empty shell, but in this case, the chocolate just puddled in the bottom of the molds--and stayed there.

I found a source for some really high quality Belgium chocolate made by Callebaut. I bought the biggest chocolate bar you've ever seen in your life: 11 lbs. What I'm going to do is reserve this chocolate for the molding and dipping of my chocolates, and use the other chocolate I bought for the fillings.

I'm hoping to fill and top these chocolates off tomorrow, so I'm spending some time right now having a go at making some empty shells again.

I'll report back tomorrow with a progress report.

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