Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Clement on Wool

Clement can be pretty funny. Check out this passage on gaudy dress, and what he says about...and to...wool.

But we must moderate our severity for the sake of the women. We say, then, that their garment may be woven smooth and soft to the touch, but not adorned with gaudy colors, like a painting, just to dazzle the eye...It is the height of vanity to let oneself be fascinated by the flowing robes and gowns and cloaks and mantles and tunics 'that cover nakedness,' as Homer says. I am really ashamed to see so much money squandered just to cover the private parts. Of old, man fashioned a covering for his shame out of branches and leaves from the garden, but, now that we have sheep for our use, let us not imitate sheep in their stupidity, but follow the guidance of reason and refuse to have anything to do with expensive clothing, insisting: 'Wool, you belong to the sheep.'

I laughed again rereading it. As for me, I'll stick with woolen sweaters dear Clement--we live in Michigan, not Alexandria! And trust me, no one wants to see me wearing branches and leaves out in public!

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