Friday, December 19, 2008

Hopes For Christmas

It always seems that Christmas break comes and goes far too quickly. I've been looking forward to Christmas as a time to get back to writing, but as break is soon upon us, I fear that it won't happen. I feel a pressing urgency to begin writing again. I need to follow through, and I keep thinking of something a presenter at the Breathe Conference told me. I've been traipsing throughout the internet and I have come away with the keen awareness that I really believe this is a book that could benefit a lot of people. May God help me be obedient to Him in writing the book. (And isn't there a comfort in that? Any obedience we have is a direct result of His grace--even the desire to be obedient is a sign of His grace. As Brother Lawrence might say: God, I'm only going to write this book if you give me the grace to do so!)

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