Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr. Hershey

I'm a chocolate makin' crazy man! As of tonight, I'll have about 200 chocolates filled, and ready to seal by tomorrow. That's A LOT of chocolates! I grew weary of cutting and dipping chocolates by hand. It's very tedious and frustrating work. Instead, I decided to concentrate on molded chocolates to streamline the process. I filled six molds with 40 chocolates each, and today I've been filling them. Half of the chocolates will have the Irish Cream concoction I came up with a year or so ago...just about this time, in fact, during Nutcracker. The other filling is one that was requested by the woman who purchased my chocolates at an auction. This one uses a Chai tea infusion and is surprisingly tasty.

I'm off to go fill those now.

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