Thursday, December 04, 2008

This Is All We Need To Know:

To love God with all our heart, to love others as Christ loved us, with no expectation of its return, and to say about everything and all things: THY WILL BE DONE.


Dave said...

Therein lies peace. At a cost, yes; but peace - peace beyond understanding. You have stated it well.

Dave said...

PS -- The reality is, isn't it, that Jesus really loves us? I mean REALLY loves us. So the deep love we can feel for others -- the longing, the ache, the joy, the devotion, the connection, the anticipation, the fulfillment -- all of it -- He also feels (even more deeply because He is the author of love) for us!

No. For me.

For me.

For Me.

For ME.

Oh my. Is this love?
Yes. This is Love.

Oh my. . . .
Oh my. . .
Oh my. .