Monday, December 01, 2008

The Woman Front

So I'm going on a date Thursday night. Surprise, surprise, especially on the heels of that last post. And more than that: I'll be going out with a second woman either this week or next as well, a woman who I met a couple of years ago and reconnected with just this past week. And there's even a third woman who someone is hoping to set me up with. I'll be emailing her in the morning.

We'll see what happens. There's just a slight problem: I seem to still be in love with my ex-girlfriend, even though it's been well over two years since we dated. I spoke with a wise friend and counselor of mine this week about Meg and I said that I find it hard to believe that I could ever love a woman more than I love Meg. I told him that I have felt that when indeed I could love a woman more than I love Meg, I would know I've found my future wife. He told me that it's quite possible that I would never love a woman more than I love Meg. I had never considered that possibility before but I realize that it may very well be true. I hope not, but if I use my love for Meg as the benchmark of whether or not someone else is worth marrying, I don't know if I would ever marry. And part of me thinks that if I can't find someone that I love more than Meg, I'd rather be single.

I suppose that all sounds rather melodramatic, but it's exactly where my heart is tonight.

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