Saturday, January 24, 2009

I received the news today that I've been invited to the current opening in the Cleveland Orchestra.  That's one of the biggies, one of the top five orchestras in the country.  I feel like a Herculean task is before me if I choose to take it.  It's like climbing Mt. Everest, and every inch is arduous work.  I haven't been up for tackling an audition in several years, but I think it's time to do it again.  My life won't belong to me until the middle of March.  I can't describe the feeling of dread that accompanies knowing what you've got to do to prepare for an audition.  



paul said...

You're not affectionately & respectfully known as T-bone Dano for nothing, bro!

ali said...

congratulations dan! i'm so proud of you....give it all you've got.

Dan said...

Thanks Ali and Paul. I've started the long climb. It's always good to do these things--it fixes problems that you ignore, which is good.