Saturday, January 24, 2009

Writer's Block

I've got huge writer's block.  Not because I don't know what to write, but because I'm finding that I don't want to deal with the emotions that I think will be stirred up if I start writing again.  When you start thinking about life, and your past, you're inevitably going to stir up some uncomfortable things.  I've been circling around what I need to write about for a few months, and now it's time to dig in.  I'm going to light up my pipe, pour some apple brandy, and dive in and see what happens.  It's time to get cracking.


Dan said...

Tonight was a good night...I was able to write four about three or four hours--nine pages, and 5700 words. The writer's block has been broken through.

Torey said...

Ya! Way to go Dan!