Monday, June 08, 2009

Three Berry Tart

I made another three berry tart yesterday. It's sort of turning into my signature dessert I think. I used my deep dish tart pan this time, and I like the extra bit of crunchiness the extra height provides. I didn't have quite enough filling, however, so next time I need to up the filling to seven cups of berries, instead of six. I made an almond cookie crust, with 1 cup ground almonds, 2 cups of flour, maybe a 1/2 cup of sugar, two sticks of butter, 1 egg and an egg yolk and some cinnamon--perhaps a tsp. Next time, I think I'll add some almond extract to kick up the almond flavor. In the filling, I used the usual suspects: three different kinds of berry port wine, as well as vanilla, lemon, and almond extract. Next time, I need to not use the vanilla extract. It doesn't work so well, and I think avoiding lemon would be a nice try. It didn't have enough tart, however, so I added a splash of red wine vinegar, which I think is OK. I need to make one tart, however, with no added flavor other than the port wines and see how that turns out.

Anyway, it was tasty!

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