Monday, February 15, 2010

Onward and Upward

It's been a productive day. I've been writing for about five hours straight. I think that might equal about a little over a page an hour, to be honest. There's a lot of reflecting going on as I write, and a lot of research of Scriptures or quotes that come to mind, but even so, I feel that I'm making good progress. It's beginning to take a more concrete shape in my mind, which is good, since I feel an urgency to finish this book. I still haven't heard from the editor, but as my priest friend said, I'm sure I'll hear from her "in the fullness of time."

I've decided to pray a few prayers of St. Thomas Aquinas each time I sit down to write:

Prayer Before Study or Reading

Grant to me, O merciful God, that I might ardently love, prudently ponder, rightly acknowledge, and perfectly fulfill all that is pleasing to you, for the praise and glory of your Name.

Prayer Before Lecturing, Writing or Preaching

Ineffable Creator, from the treasure house of your Wisdom you have created the three Angelic Hierarchies. In marvelous order you established them above the Empyrean Heaven, and splendidly arranged all the parts of creation.

I ask you, true Fountain of Light and Wisdom, the only creator of all things, to mercifully pour forth into my shadowed understanding the radiance of your love, that it might purge the twofold darkness of sin and ignorance into which I was born.

You, who have given voice to the tongues of infants, instruct my tongue also, and pour forth the grace of your blessing onto my lips.

Grant me prompt understanding, sure memory, direct and easy comprehension, insightful interpretation, and graciousness in speaking.

Launch, O Jesus, my beginning, guide my progress, and let my end be only yourself, who are true God and true Man, living and reigning through all the ages of ages. Amen

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