Thursday, February 04, 2010


It would seem that my long held belief that I won't have any luck on the woman front until this book is finished is once again proven. I had a remarkable time on my silent retreat this past weekend, and I mentioned my book project with one of the priests. As he heard about the project, he told me that this book was greatly needed, and that I needed to finish it.

When I arrived home Sunday night, I had an email awaiting me from the lovely Claudia, telling me that she wasn't interested in any romantic involvement with me, and that she only wanted to be friends.

On Monday, I heard from another priest whom I have been communicating with, who then gave my name to a publisher who is supposed to be calling me this week. He also wants to see this book published, and wants to encourage me in this.

I just turned off my match making service. I think it's absolutely pointless for me to even think about dating until this book is finished. I don't think God wants me dating, or married, while I'm writing the book. Which is a darn good motivation to get writing!

I'm a bit disappointed by Claudia's news. She seemed like an ideal candidate for a wife. God's will be done.


kkollwitz said...

Doors close, doors open; do not get discouraged.

Dan said...

Thanks for the encouragement!