Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Update

It's been ages since I've updated my blog. I suppose blogging has lost a bit of its appeal, for whatever reason. Perhaps Facebook has taken its toll, but I also think that for a time, my blog was a needed outlet for a lot of rumination that apparently now takes place in other ways.

I spoke with a priest for about 45 minutes today about the talk I'm going to be giving at a Catholic conference this July. I'll be speaking about my journey "back to Rome," and then the next day, I'll be talking to a bunch of clergy from the Diocese of Chicago. Rumor has it that even Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, and the leader of the United States Conference of Bishops, will be there in attendance. This is very exciting, and humbling, all at the same time. One thing I know for sure: I'm the closest I've ever been to being in the center of God's will, and that's a darn good place to be.

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