Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weight Loss: First week.

The first week has been pretty dramatic. I had my first weigh in today, and I've lost 12.4 lbs. I know such a dramatic drop won't happen next week, since today, I already saw less than a pound loss from the day before. The first week apparently the water that one's body has been hanging onto is ejected from the body, and now, the slower, more steady weight loss will happen. The doctor is hoping for three lbs. off next week...I'm going to be motivated to exercise to get that up to six pounds, if I can. I'd like to have 20 pounds off in three weeks--what a boost in morale that would be!

This fast weight loss is something I like about this program--and I know it's safe, since I'm going to the doctor's office once a week, and they also do lab work on me as well. I'm going to be working with a personal trainer tonight for the first time, and I going to really pick her brains about what I should be doing when I go to the gym.

I have a bit of an arrogant attitude about the gym. I've always in my mind mocked people who flock to the gym, and who are so concerned about their appearances that they have to "work out." That hasn't worked out well for me! It's a strange shade of pride that has kept me from wanting to be "one of them," and I know I look down on those I perceive to be "gym rats."

I hope to reformat my view of exercise through this program, and I really want to avail myself of the resources offered to me, such as the gym and the personal trainer. I'm coming to view this as a rebirth of sorts. I'm living off of a liquid diet. One could say that I'm not mature enough for solid food, but hopefully through this reenvisioning process, I'll finally grow up concerning food, and use it responsibly. I want to enjoy food again, in all its varied wonder, but I can't use it as a medication any longer. God help me, I want to succeed!

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