Sunday, December 16, 2007

A genius at work?

I was a little bored this morning. I checked my email and I received the "Word of they Day" from I can't remember what the word was, but I clicked on a link for an ad I saw that supposedly would test my IQ. What could be better on a lazy Sunday when you're procrastinating from snowblowing the driveway than to take an IQ test?

So I took the nine page test. I was pretty pleased with my score, thank you very much. I'm not a genius, fyi, but I'm no dummie either.

With my new found sense of intellectual confidence, I had a spring in my step as I went out to fire up the snowblower for the first time this season. My neighbor and I bought one together and so we were both out there trying to get it started. She wouldn't turn over, so I thought, not-quite-a-genius that I am, that I'd go grab the starter fluid in my garage and give it a kick in the pants.

I came back and proceeded to spray the starter fluid at the air intake. It didn't seem to help too much, so I sprayed again. Then it dawned on this not-quite-a-genius: I was spraying the starter fluid right at the exhaust pipe. With a modified aiming point, the snowblower started right up.

I'm laughing right now thinking about it.

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