Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Divide and Conquer

My house is a dump right now. I tend to devolve into slovenly ways quite easily. I'm about ready to spring for a cleaning service to spray down my kitchen so I can just start over. The only problem is that they might need to call in the EPA to apply for Superfund Cleanup Site status. When the hazmat unit shows up you know you're in bad shape. I think I'll be alright if just have them first sign a legal disclaimer.

I'm going to leave the kitchen be for now, and start at the top, in my bedroom. I've gotten most of my house into the kind of condition where I really enjoy it. I finally have the kind of furniture I like and actually have pictures on the wall. But if I'm not vigilant, things can go south very quickly. My bedroom can be a nice haven for me, but right now it's a depository for dirty clothes. It shouldn't take too long actually to clean that up, so I'm heading up there, bringing my laptop along so I can have the Splendid Table on in the background. Once I get that done, I'll move downstairs and work on the living room, dining room and my den, all three places I really enjoy spending time.

The kitchen's like Shelob's Lair though. I don't think I can face it just yet. That's what the dining room door's for, right?

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